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Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Because there are customized wedding ceremonies for each client, it is often asked for suggested wedding ceremony ideas.  Below, Pastor McIntosh has provided information on some more popular ceremony elements. Brief descriptions of the rituals as well as any additional materials you would need to purchase are included.  

Sand Ceremony– During this ceremony the couple each has an individual container of sand. They join together to pour into one larger container. It is symbolic of the fact that just as the grains of sand could never again be separated, so will the union be, forever entwined and forever inseparable. This ceremony can be done with just the couple, or with other family members and/or children.  Materials: Sand, usually in two different colors. One container for each person participating filled with a little sand. One large empty container for the combined sand. Pre-made sets are available in stores, or couples can purchase a keepsake glass container and small bud vases for each individual.

Candle Lighting– Similarly symbolic to the sand ceremony. Two flames representing the individuals are joined to light a center candle. Each person lights a single taper candle. The couple then brings the flames together to light a larger middle candle. The tapers remain lit and are replaced in their holders to represent two coming together while maintaining individuality. Although this is frequently considered a Christian tradition, this is often chosen in interfaith ceremonies as well. Can be done with just the couple or including other family members. Materials: One center candle (and hurricane cover if it’s outside), two side taper candles in holders, lighter or small votive candle to be pre-lit for lighting tapers.

Wine Ceremony– Partners share drinks from a single glass of wine. This symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of its experiences together, both bitter and sweet. Materials: Glass of wine (a variety of the couple’s choosing) and table for it to sit on.

Love Letter Wine-Box Ceremony– Partners each write each other a love letter before the ceremony. During the ceremony the officiant will talk about how the couple was asked to set aside the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations and spend some time considering how they are feeling as they are making this commitment to each other. The couple is instructed to write their partner a letter sharing this and to bring that letter to the ceremony. The officiant then explains that the box will become a time capsule that the letters will now be placed inside of. The couple is then invited to open this box on their 10-year anniversary, and drink the bottle of wine together as they read their love letters that have long been sealed in the box. Materials: Bottle of wine (a variety of the couple’s choosing), a love letter written by both partners, a wooden box with a lid that can hold the letters and the bottle of wine, and a table for it to sit on. You can search for wedding wine boxes on Etsy .


Ceremonies Involving Children– Parents and children can make vows to one another (dependent on the children’s ages). Parents may also choose to give children gifts during the ceremony, or conduct a family Sand Ceremony. Materials: Gift of parents’ choosing. Sand Ceremony props from above if that option is chosen.

Rose Ceremony– The couple exchanges two red roses, an act representing the first gift of love to one another. The wording asks that the couple pick a place in their home for roses so that you can take roses there to mark this most wonderful day. Also for those times when you need to reconnect it can act as the white flag of surrender or the reminder of the love that you are sharing on your wedding day that should matter most of all. Comes toward the end of the ceremony, after vows and rings. Materials: Two long stem red roses.

Jumping the Broom– Comes from an African American tradition. At the end of the ceremony a broom is placed down on the floor of in front of the couple. They join hands and jump over together, their first act together in marriage. Materials: Broom.

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